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I am a 36-year-old girl, determined, who knows what she wants and fights to get it. I have never been married before, I am currently single. I am an independent, rational woman, with many topics of conversation. I have an open enough mind when it comes to pleasing and being pleased. I know my body perfectly and I know how to activate my erogenous zone. I am a modest girl when it comes to consumingadult drinks and going out to party.

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If you are curious about BDSM, seek out information, donโ€™t let judgement or fear keep you from exploring your sexuality. I began touring to BDSM conferences and adult stores to teach and branched out offering classes in new cities. I love helping people to explore their fantasies and gain confidence through BDSM classes and it feels good to give back to the community that has given me so much. I am honored to share what I know and to connect with amazing people through teaching BDSM.

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